CAO World Sampler


World Sampler

  • Sizes:
  • Brazilia Gol (50×5.5 inches)
  • Italia Ciao (50×5.5 inches)
  • America Potomac (54×6 inches)
  • Colombia Vallenato (52×6 inches)
  • Wrappers:
  • Brazilia Gol: Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro
  • Italia Ciao: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • America Potomac: American Broadleaf
  • Colombia Vallenato: Colombian Corojo
  • Binders & Fillers
  • Brazilia Gol: Nicaraguan, Nicaraguan
  • Italia Ciao: Nicaraguan Nicaraguan
  • America Potomac: Nicaraguan , Nicaraguan
  • Colombia Vallenato: Nicaraguan , Colombian
  • Flavours
  • Brazilia Gol: Rich, earthy, with notes of cocoa, coffee, and spice
  • Italia Ciao: Creamy, nutty, with hints of cedar and spice
  • America Potomac: Bold, with notes of leather, pepper, and sweetness
  • Colombia Vallenato: Sweet, with notes of cedar, spice, and fruit
  • Construction: All four cigars in the CAO World Sampler are well-constructed and have a perfect draw.
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CAO World Sampler

Experience the rich diversity of the world’s finest cigars with the CAO World Sampler. Meticulously curated collection brings together a selection of premium cigars from different regions, allowing you to embark on a global journey of taste and craftsmanship.

The CAO World Sampler showcases the best offerings from renowned cigar-producing countries, including Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Each Cigar is expertly crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a superior smoking experience.

Indulge in the distinct flavours and aromas that define each region. From the bold and robust Nicaraguan cigars to the smooth and refined Dominican blends, this sampler comprehensively explores the cigar world’s diverse profiles.

With various sizes and strengths, the CAO Sampler caters to every preference and occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious beginner, this short cigar sampler collection is a gateway to discovering your favourite cigars and expanding your palate.

Unleash your passion for cigars with the CAO Cigars. Order now and embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery, where every puff reveals the unique essence of different cigar traditions from around the globe.

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