Black Market Esteli Toro

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Black Market Esteli Toro

  • Ring Gauge: 52
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Honduran and Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Strength: Full
  • Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate, earthy spices, and a subtle sweetness
  • Construction: Excellent, Well-rolled, burns evenly

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Black Market Esteli Toro

Introducing the Black Market Esteli Toro, a cigar that pushes boundaries and embraces the unexpected. This remarkable creation embodies the essence of adventure, offering a bold and exhilarating smoking experience that will captivate your senses from the first puff to the last.

Prepare yourself for a journey into uncharted territory as you ignite this exquisite cigar. The Black Market Esteli Toro showcases a skillful blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, carefully selected for their exceptional quality and robust flavors. With each draw, you’ll be greeted by a symphony of rich, earthy notes, complemented by hints of spice and a touch of sweetness.


Crafted with utmost precision, the Black Market Esteli Toro boasts a flawless construction that ensures a perfect burn and an effortless draw. Its enticingly dark wrapper leaves a lasting impression, enticing you to explore the depths of its complex and captivating flavors.

Indulge your senses and embrace the spirit of adventure with the Esteli Toro. Let the aroma transport you to exotic lands, and allow the flavors to ignite a sense of excitement within you. This is more than just a cigar; it’s an invitation to embrace the extraordinary.

Experience the thrill of the Esteli Toro and add a touch of excitement to your smoking repertoire. Order now and embark on an unforgettable journey of flavor and discovery.

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