Everything You Need to Know About Cigarillos: The Small Cigar with Big Flavor

what is a cigarillo

What is a Cigarillo?

Cigarillos, derived from the Spanish word “cigarro,” meaning little cigar, are small cigars smaller than regular cigarettes but larger than little cigars. They are made of tobacco leaves wrapped in tobacco-based paper or a tobacco-based homogenized wrapper.

In recent years, cigarillos have gained popularity among smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes and full-sized cigars. In addition, they are often preferred by cigar lover who enjoy the taste of tobacco but need more time to smoke a full-sized cigar. Unlike cigarettes, cigarillos are not inhaled; the smoke is savoured in the mouth, providing a rich and flavorful smoking experience.

Cigarillos come in various flavours, and the factors contributing to their unique taste include the type of tobacco used, the blend of tobacco, the wrapper, and the aging process. Most cigarillos blend high-quality tobacco leaves, providing a more complex and nuanced flavour profile than cigarettes.

The appeal of cigarillos lies in their versatility, as they can be enjoyed alone or paired with various drinks and foods. The growing popularity of cigarillos has increased the variety of flavours and styles available in the market, making them a popular choice for smokers seeking a unique smoking experience.

The Cigarillo Industry

The Cigarillo-Making Process

Cigarillos are tiny cigars that have become popular among tobacco users. They are similar to little cigars but vary in size, shape, and ingredients. Cigarillos are mainly made from whole-leaf tobacco, while little cigars may contain other tobacco products in their mixture.

Creating cigarillos starts with selecting high-quality tobacco leaves that are aged and cured to achieve the desired flavour. The leaves are then stripped, cleaned, and chopped into tiny pieces. The small pieces are then mixed and rolled into a cigarillo shape.

Cigarillos offers a different smoking experience compared to cigarettes and larger cigars. They are less costly and smaller than premium cigars. Cigarillos offers a better smoking experience than cigarettes because they use whole-leaf tobacco without additives.

The various cigarillo brands available on the market

Many cigarillo brands are available today, each offering unique flavours and aromas. Some popular brands include Backwoods, Swisher Sweets, and Black & Mild, Dutch Masters. Consumers should experiment with different brands to find the flavour and smoking experience best suits their preferences.

Cigarillos are an increasingly popular tobacco product that offers a unique smoking experience. The use of whole-leaf tobacco and the cigar-making process contribute to the higher quality of cigarillos than cigarettes. With a wide variety of brands on the market, consumers have many options to explore and find the perfect cigarillo for their taste.

Flavour Profiles of Cigarillos

The unique flavours and aromas of cigarillos

Cigarillos are small cigars that are becoming popular among tobacco fans. They’re made from tobacco and come in different flavours like peach, cherry, and apple. Unlike a large cigar, cigarillos are usually inhaled like cigarettes.

The tobacco used in cigarillos produces unique flavours and scents. Different kinds of tobacco, such as whole-leaf tobacco and other tobacco products, create the various flavours and aromas that cigar smokers enjoy.

Cigarillo brands have various flavours and aroma profiles, each with unique characteristics. Some brands have mild flavors, while others have strong, intense flavors. Smokers should consider their preferences and tastes when selecting a cigarillo brand.

In addition to traditional tobacco flavors, cigarillos come in various fruit flavors. The fruity flavors are created by adding natural or artificial flavourings to the tobacco during manufacturing.

Pairing Cigarillos

Cigarillos have gained popularity among smokers, especially young adults, as a tasteful alternative to cigarette smoke or premium cigars. These little cigars come in various flavors and famous brands, usually sold in packs or tins. However, when pairing cigarillos with drinks and food, specific strategies exist for the best experience.

When pairing cigarillos with drinks and food, it’s essential to consider the cigarillo’s flavor. Cigarillos come in different flavors, from sweet ones like chocolate, honey, and vanilla to stronger ones like smoked tobacco. However, a general rule is to pair a mild-flavoured cigarillo with light drinks such as white wine or light beer, while a stronger cigarillo goes well with darker, full-bodied beverages such as red wine or whiskey.

In terms of food pairing, cigarillos complement savoury dishes with robust flavors. For example, a cigarillo with a smoky flavour complements grilled meats, while a sweet cigarillo complements desserts like chocolate cake or crème brûlée.

Aside from taste, cigarillo pairing also has social and cultural aspects. It’s usually considered a sophisticated and relaxing activity that brings people together in a communal setting. In conclusion, cigarillo pairing can be an enjoyable experience for those who enjoy flavour nuances and smoking.

Cigarillo Maintenance and Storage

While cigarillos can be a tasteful alternative for a cigar lover, it is essential to consider the potential risks associated with smoking any tobacco product. According to the National Cancer Institute, cigar smoking, including cigars and cigarillos, can increase the risk of several types of cancer, including lung, oral, and esophageal cancer.

To get the best smoking experience and lower health risks, it’s essential to use proper storage methods. To store cigarillos, using a humidor can regulate temperature and humidity levels, which help maintain the tobacco’s flavour and aroma. Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures should be avoided to protect the cigarillos.

The quality of cigarillos can be affected by temperature and humidity. High temperatures can make the tobacco dry and less flavorful, while too much moisture can cause the cigarillo too wet to smoke. Therefore, the storage area’s temperature and humidity levels should be monitored to keep them within the suitable range.

Choosing the Right Cigarillo

Cigarillos are small cigars that have grown in popularity in recent years. To choose the right cigarillo, consider a few things. First, the size and shape are important because they affect the flavor and smoking experience. Generally, cigarillos are shorter and narrower than regular cigars but still give you a good smoke. It’s also essential to think about the strength of the cigarillo, as some are stronger than others.

The flavor profile is another crucial factor when choosing a cigarillo. Different brands offer various flavors, including fruity, sweet, and spicy options. Younger smokers prefer flavoured cigarillos, but you can also find natural ones.

When selecting a cigarillo, consider the occasion and your preferences. For example, some cigarillos are best for casual smoking, while others are more suitable for formal events. You can pair some cigarillos with specific drinks or foods, making them ideal for a night out.


In short, cigarillos are popular among people looking for a different smoking experience. They’re small cigars made with whole tobacco leaves and no additives, offering a better experience than cigarettes. Cigarillos are created by selecting quality tobacco leaves, aging them for flavour, and rolling them into small cigars. With many brands available, cigarillo fans can find their perfect match. Pairing cigarillos with food and drink requires consideration of flavour and strength. Proper storage and maintenance are essential for maintaining their quality and taste over time.


  1. What is a cigarillo? Cigarillos are small cigars that differ from traditional cigars in size, shape, and composition.
  2. Can you smoke cigarillos? Yes, cigarillos are meant to be smoked like cigars.
  3. Do you inhale cigarillos? Cigarillos can be inhaled, but it depends on personal preference and smoking style.
  4. How to smoke a cigarillo? To smoke a cigarillo, cut off the tip, light it with a match or lighter, and puff on it slowly.
  5. Are cigarillos legal?The legality of cigarillos depends on the country and local laws. In many places, they are legal for adults to purchase and consume.


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